How to Start Internet Business Streams of Income For Big Profits

For this article, I am going to talk about how to start internet business streams of income that will make you an incredible amount of money on down the road. This method that I am going to teach you will not make you money the very first week, nor will it make you rich in a month.

I do not teach get rich quick methods – I believe that for the most part, get rich quick programs are scams. What I will teach you in this article is how to create and start internet business streams of income that will make you ridiculous amounts of money if you set things up right. By the way, this method of creating internet business streams of income will take you around 20 hours per week. Most individuals can free up that amount of time per week by simply shutting off the television.

Now for the meat: How to Start Internet Business Streams of Income:

1) Find 20 niche markets that have at least 5000 keyword hits per month and no more than 10000 keywords hits per month.

2) Create one niche market web site per week for twenty weeks.

3) For each of these niche market web sites, do the following the very first week after you create the web site:

a) Write 10 articles pertaining to niche market topic and submit all of them to the top 100 article directories online.

b) Submit the niche market web site to at least 100 web directories online

At the end of 20 weeks, you should have at least 10-15 web sites that are getting a reasonable amount of search engine traffic. Choose the top 10 trafficked sites and begin to monetize them.

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